Thursday, March 31, 2011 Organization Rankings -- Star Plots has an annual series of posts where they rank each Major League Baseball organization on the following criteria: Present Talent (30%), Financial Resources (30%), Baseball Operations (25%), and Future Talent (15%). The writers grade each team in each of the categories probably on a scale of 1-100 (I believe; no ranking is below 62 or above 95). I took the rankings for each category and made some star plots.

This plot scales each score based on its relation to the min and max in that category. For example, Houston has the minimum in Future Talent (65 score) so the plot reflects a 0 on that part of the graph. Kansas City has the max score (95) so the plot reaches to the maximum distance on that part of the graph. The teams are ordered by their overall score from first to last.
Now what if you want to see how the full score--not the scaled score--relate to each other? It is not very informative. Next plot shows the full score for each category (ie a 65 is 65% of the distance from the min to the max along that part of the graph). Since each score is pretty much in the same 65-95 range, the graph is not very helpful as all the plots look largely the same.

This final plot tries to do what the last plot does but accounts for the natural clump in the data. I subtracted 50 (warning! arbitrary manipulation of data) from each score and then scaled accordingly.

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